The 5 Rules of Blenders And How Learn More

Reviews and Tips in Buying a Blender Preparing a margarita..

The 5 Rules of Blenders And How Learn More

Reviews and Tips in Buying a Blender

Preparing a margarita in your home or fixing a summer tomato puree would not be difficult with the help of a blender. The blenders are still the number choice in processing food despite of the growing number of food processing products out in the market. Nowadays, a buying blender guide has been created to help kitchen and cooking enthusiast find the best blender to match all their culinary tasks.


Any kitchen appliances that are made of plastic including blenders, are presumed to be less durable, less powerful and less useful as compared to those that are not made of plastic since plastic are soft and are prone to breakage and melting. Blenders that are made of steel and those that are metal-based are much more durable and last longer than those that are made out of plastic.

A blender jar that is made out of glass, polycarbonate or metal, are the type of blender jars that can contribute to the longevity of your blender. It is important to also check the warranty of the blenders that you have purchased just to make sure that if in case something goes wrong with your blender, you can always go back and have them replaced. There some blender manufacturing companies that offer a warranty protection for the period from six months up to even six years to each and every piece of their blenders. Even if some blenders are dishwasher-safe, the blender’s other less durable parts such as the rubber gasket and its plastic cover can still break down easily sometimes sooner than expected. Blender manufacturing companies highly recommends that washing of blenders are to be done manually to avoid unexpected damages and may lasts longer.


In general, blenders are all created with the same purpose and goal but unfortunately, not all blenders are created equal as some manufacturers may have advertised it with application claims. Some Blender manufacturing companies that produces Countertop blenders claim that their blenders have a minimum wattage of 300 to a maximum of 1,500 watts but this actually depends on the usage of the blender. Yes it true that the better the blender can perform if it has a bigger wattage, if you will not be using your blender for hard substances like ice, nuts or large quantities of fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to purchase a blender with more wattage that is more expensive than a blender with smaller wattage yet less expensive.

If you intend to use your blender for regular and family kitchen use, then a blender with a wattage of 300 to 600 watts is okay. All blender have various speed capacity and all blenders usually has a speed between 2 to 16 range is totally fine so there is no need for you to purchase a fancy blender that has too many gears on it since experts says that any more that 3 speed higher than what is recommended is an overkill and too much for a simple blender machine. The pulse button in a blender is equally important as having an electricity to run your blender because no matter how many speed your blender has, if it has no pulse button, its as if you wont be able to maximize the full potential of a blender.

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